Monday, October 25, 2010

Tuesday Night Lectures

Songwriters Club is hosting a series of amazing TED-Talks style lectures for your edification!  We're getting the industry's best talent to talk about production, making money, music publishing, songwriting, and more.  Click below for specific info on each lecture -- all lectures are 8-10pm in Room 118.

Tues, Oct 26th: The Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Tools for effective songwriting. Ben Camp and friends will be presenting a selection of the most effective tools they have learned for songwriting.  Also: If there is a song that has taught you an effective songwriting technique, please email the song and share it with us tonight!

Tues, Nov 2nd: Pat Pattison Epic Lyric Phrasing Masterclass: Get the most emotion out of your lyrics, or: How to change everything without changing anything.

Tues, Nov 9th: Production TED Talks: Inside the Producers mind! How they work, how to work with them, and what you can do for yourself!

Tues, Nov 16th: How to make MONEY with your songs: Livingston Taylor hosts a second round of his standing-room-only lecture.

Tues Nov 23rd: Marketing/Publishing/Business Clinic: Handle your business, or find someone else to do it!

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