Friday, October 22, 2010

Super-charged Marketing/Publishing/Business clinic!

Want to be successful with your music? Okay.. that was a dumb question.. you're spending $45,000 a year to go here, so you'd better want to be sucessful, right?

WHEN: Nov 23rd, 2010. 8pm-10pm.
WHERE: 150 Mass Ave, Room 118
WHAT:  The chance to learn what it takes to make it in today's music industry!

We've assembled a crack team of Berklee's Best Music Businessicians to help you take your career to the next level with advice on what music publishers are looking for, how to market yourself, and how to handle your business in the new music industry! MP&E Professor Tony Carbone and his publisher Curtis Urbina will be talking about the new world of music publishing and listening to student demos, and Berklee's Stephanie Kellar will be speaking about how to successfully market your music in today's music business!

Curtis Urbina
Label President, Music Publisher and Instructor at New York University
  • How To Become Music Business Literate
  • The Various Aspects of the Music Business (Creative, Legal and Economic)
  • What It Takes To Create Lasting Relationships in the Music Business
  • The Steps Necessary To Pick Yourself Up When You’ve Been knocked Down

Brian Curr

Berklee Internship Coordinator
  • Advisor to over 500 students
  • Assists students in reaching their career goals through experiential learning (Internships)
  • Prior to Berkle, Brian was a recruiter/staffing specialist for a Fortune 500 workforce solutions firm.
  • Brian will be discussing what it takes to survive in the workforce today.

Stephanie Kellar Music Business Professor at Berklee College of Music
  • Over 20 years of professional integrated marketing
    communication and branding practice
  • Past clients include Intel, Polaroid, CMGI, Comdata, Sabian, J. D’Addario, Gretsch, and Berklee Press
  • Past employers include the McCourt Company, Boston Acoustics, and Catapult Thinking

Tony Carbone MP&E Professor at Berklee College of Music

  • Tony has written for artists on both Major & Independent labels, and has racked up 5 Top 20 "Dance" records as well as 3 top 5 records in Billboard's Dance Charts!
  • Tony has produced records for Major & Independent labels, and jingles for 7-11, Bob's Big Boy, and many others.
  • Tony has had several successful TV placements of his music on programs both nationally and internationally.

* A special note from the Office of Experiential Learning on their Internship programs:

Internships can be a hard sell for students overloaded with coursework and outside
creative commitments. Many eager songwriting majors enter our office inquiring about the possibility of landing a writing or performing position, only to lose interest when we explain that while songwriting internships for publication are possible, internships are far more likely to involve varying degrees of administrative work behind the scenes. As they understand it, they’re paying tuition to learn to write music, not sit at a desk.

Maybe creating a database at a major label isn’t your idea of developing as an artist, but you’d be surprised how a casual conversation with your boss about your impression of songwriting can lead to their next question: “So what sort of writing do you do?” If they’ve already come to rely on you to get things done right, the might be interested in your talent as well.

Songwriting in particular is a maze of legal contracts, royalty management, and day-to-day collaboration with artists and other songwriters. What happens to your work between submission to a publisher, producer or label and final publication? If your career depends even partly on that machinery, you can’t depend on your textbook to paint a clear picture of what to expect as an artist. 

Please visit the OEL’s website for more details on their programs, office hours
and location.

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