Thursday, January 27, 2011

Need a late add? Try the Hip Hop Songwriting class!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to rap?? Have you ever wanted to rap, but never knew where to start?? Have you ever wanted to understand more about hip hop culture and how it permeates modern society? Well then, you're probably looking for Hip Hop songwriting. Learn writing techniques such as punchlines & sample theory. Learn the art of freestyling and wordplay, all in one class!! Hip Hop Songwriting, the only songwriting course at Berklee that can prepare you for the world of Hip Hop culture.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey everyone!

My name is Adam Brown, and I produce/manage a singer named Christina Carlson (one of Berklee's own) with a business team that has been formed on campus. I'm writing this e-mail to you because we are looking for RADIO-READY songs to include on an EP WITH FULL PRODUCTION that is going to come out late February/early March. The songs on the album will also be performed live around Boston for much of March and April.

A little information about Christina: she sounds like a warmer version of Christina Aguilera, and her music should sound like Cheryl Cole (see links below). For her, we need uptempo R&B/pop songs - think Beyonce, Jill Scott, or either of the artists listed previously. However, we're going with a slightly more organic sound (using more live instruments, although the hip hop beats will still be present) Try to write energetic songs that have happy subjects. 

Most importantly, her range is as follows: A3-C5 is Chest/Belting voice, and A3-G6 is her head voice. 

The deadline for submissions is in two weeks (Monday, Feb. 7th), although I will accept submissions throughout the month of February. Submissions later than Feb. 7th may be produced, but will most likely not make the EP in time (they may be played live, though). 

If you want your song to immediately find a rather large audience at Berklee, submit it to me by Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. I am in a record production class in which one song will be chosen very soon to be collectively produced by the entire class (with Christina and her backing band playing on the track - if one of your songs is selected). This class is pretty big, so don't miss out! 

Demo submissions will be accepted in standard video or audio formats, mandatorily accompanied by lyrics and preferably a lead sheet or sheet music. Piano/Voice or Guitar/Voice, etc., simple demos are acceptable. By submitting, you are agreeing that it is okay for my team and I to arrange the track, if we feel it's needed. (Don't worry, you will still receive full writing credit.) PLEASE SUBMIT DEMOS TO THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL ADDRESS:, and I will send you a confirmation that I've received it. 

Lastly, some important links are provided below. One is to a youtube video of Christina performing, and another is a rough Soundcloud track that shows another side of her voice. These are followed by links to 2 different Cheryl Cole tracks for more of a reference of what she sounds like. 

Thanks, and good luck!

Adam Brown

Christina Carlson audio:   (Don't pay attention to the gospel-ish backing track, just the voice.)
Cheryl Cole ("Parachutes"):
Cheryl Cole ("Fight for this Love"):

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We bet you have some good songs about "Falling in Love and/or the Breakup!"

This Semester's Singer/Songwriter Competition is coming up soon and we're accepting submission now through March 1st @11pm. The topic of the songs: "Falling in love and or/the Breakup." Send all song submissions to and winners will be notified by e-mail. Winners will perform on April 7th at Cafe 939! 1 submission per person.

Submitting a song to the Substance Abuse Awareness Competition? Get it CRITIQUED!

Berklee’s 4th Annual Substance Abuse Awareness
Songwriting Competition

Faculty-led discussion/critique session

Tuesday Jan 25, 8-10PM, Rm 401 Bldg 136
Christiane Karam (Vocal Dept, developer "Songwriting & Social Change" class)
and Mark Simos (Songwriting Dept.)

If you have a song in preparation for this contest that you would like critiqued during the session, please send your lyric (as a PDF attachment) by email to, no later than 3:00 PM Tuesday Jan 25.
(In the subject header please include "Substance Abuse Songwriting Competition".) Songs will be critiqued in the order received, subject to facilitator discretion.

Though this session will focus on critiquing songs for this particular contest, the insights and discussions should be of wider interest. There are now several contests available to Berklee students that involve writing material focused on social issues: The Substance Abuse Awareness Songwriting Competition and the Songwriting and Social Change contest, among others. Beyond the perennial challenges of just writing a good song, writing around social themes and messages challenges songwriters in terms of both craft and clear intent.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Don't Miss Out On A Great Songwriting Course!

2 Credits, Thurs 4-6PM, Email:

Description : A hands-on songwriting class that will allow
students to put their social change ideas into their own original songs,
while also surveying significant socially relevant songs in different eras and
cultures throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. The class will examine
and analyze benefit concerts like Live Aid and the Concert for Bangladesh,
important songs which had impact on social change (e.g., "Imagine," "Get
Up, Stand Up," and "Strange Fruit") and prominent activist songwriters
(e.g., Bob Dylan, Bono, Bob Marley, Michael Franti, and Bob Geldof).
Prerequisites : Take SW-211 SW-221 (or email for waivers)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Singles From Berklee Alum, Robert Gillies!

Congratulations to Robert Gillies (a recent Berklee alum and member of songwriters club) who recently released two new singles! Saturday In June won the grand prize in 2009 SongDoor International Songwriting Contest and received an Honourable Mention in 2010 USA Songwriting Competition!

You can listen for yourself (and we HIGHLY recommend doing so) on his blog here

Monday, January 10, 2011

All You Need Is Love and All WE Need Is Love Songs!

Berklee's Songwriter's Club and Producer's Society are teaming up this February for a VALENTINE'S DANCE (but way more fun than a cheesy high school dance!) The best part? We're hosting a CONTEST to see who can write the best love song!

If you think you can write the next 'Wonderful Tonight," send in an mp3 of your best slow love song to

Resume A Little Flat? Drop By The CDC For A Tune Up!

Your resume is extremely valuable for representing yourself and your achievements; the CDC is providing a great opportunity to polish it up for the best results!

Every Tuesday on the 1st floor of the 921 Uchida building there will be a great opportunity to put a shine on your resume and cover letter!

Morning Tune-up walk-in hour: 10 am to 11 am

Afternoon Tune-up walk-in hour: 2 pm to 3 pm

No appointment necessary! Just bring your resume and bright, smiling face!