Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey everyone!

My name is Adam Brown, and I produce/manage a singer named Christina Carlson (one of Berklee's own) with a business team that has been formed on campus. I'm writing this e-mail to you because we are looking for RADIO-READY songs to include on an EP WITH FULL PRODUCTION that is going to come out late February/early March. The songs on the album will also be performed live around Boston for much of March and April.

A little information about Christina: she sounds like a warmer version of Christina Aguilera, and her music should sound like Cheryl Cole (see links below). For her, we need uptempo R&B/pop songs - think Beyonce, Jill Scott, or either of the artists listed previously. However, we're going with a slightly more organic sound (using more live instruments, although the hip hop beats will still be present) Try to write energetic songs that have happy subjects. 

Most importantly, her range is as follows: A3-C5 is Chest/Belting voice, and A3-G6 is her head voice. 

The deadline for submissions is in two weeks (Monday, Feb. 7th), although I will accept submissions throughout the month of February. Submissions later than Feb. 7th may be produced, but will most likely not make the EP in time (they may be played live, though). 

If you want your song to immediately find a rather large audience at Berklee, submit it to me by Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. I am in a record production class in which one song will be chosen very soon to be collectively produced by the entire class (with Christina and her backing band playing on the track - if one of your songs is selected). This class is pretty big, so don't miss out! 

Demo submissions will be accepted in standard video or audio formats, mandatorily accompanied by lyrics and preferably a lead sheet or sheet music. Piano/Voice or Guitar/Voice, etc., simple demos are acceptable. By submitting, you are agreeing that it is okay for my team and I to arrange the track, if we feel it's needed. (Don't worry, you will still receive full writing credit.) PLEASE SUBMIT DEMOS TO THE FOLLOWING E-MAIL ADDRESS:, and I will send you a confirmation that I've received it. 

Lastly, some important links are provided below. One is to a youtube video of Christina performing, and another is a rough Soundcloud track that shows another side of her voice. These are followed by links to 2 different Cheryl Cole tracks for more of a reference of what she sounds like. 

Thanks, and good luck!

Adam Brown

Christina Carlson audio:   (Don't pay attention to the gospel-ish backing track, just the voice.)
Cheryl Cole ("Parachutes"):
Cheryl Cole ("Fight for this Love"):

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