Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No News is GREAT NEWS! How to promote yourself!

Just finished reading this article (http://www.philly.com/philly/business/20101228_Deep_snow_no_threat_to_solar_panels.html) about solar panels. What does an article about solar panels have to do with performing songwriters?  A LOT.  

Read on.

"Solar installers were calling Sunday's storm a nonevent. The proof: Their phones were not ringing with customer complaints or pleas for help." 

Can you imagine having no phone calls coming in, and nothing happening in the office, and you have the balls to call the newspapers? You tell them that "Guess what, miss journalist? Nothing in particular is going on!" Then, you follow with, "Oh yeah, and you should write about it!!!"

This article, about nothing in particular happening, got a front page placement.  

Can you imagine how many sales Dynamic Solar is now going to rake in because of this news? How many people now know their name, and the benefits of solar panels?

As performing songwriters, as performing artists, your livelihood depends on how many people know your name, buy your music, and attend your concerts. You NEED to be a marketing machine.  You must constantly be on the lookout for ways to tell people about your music, your concerts, and yourself as an artist.   Even when you think there is no story to be told, no reason people would want to listen.

As Dynamic Solar proved by having this article written about them -- no news is GREAT news.  Journalists, bloggers, ALL content generators are dying for a great story.  Do them (and yourself) a huge favor by giving them one.  Go start a song-a-day project, volunteer to teach songwriting at a local school, start writing open letters to your senators in the form of youtube-posted songs -- anything to grab attention.  

Your success grows with every fan you gain, so get started now!

Hope you all are having a fantastic break!  Keep writing, and we'll see you in a few short weeks!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Holiday Party was a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the Holiday Party!!! A special thank you to our performers, Cory for running the sounds system, and everyone who came to help set up and clean up. We had an incredible time networking with the Producer's Society and Music Business Club and rumor has it a Valentine's Party is in store!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Berklee's 4th Annual Substance Abuse Awareness Songwriting Competition

Submissions MUST include:
- lyrics that capture the dangers of alcohol/substance use & abuse
- 3 copies of the lyrics
- 1 CD demo of the song
- Name, Student ID # & email address to the Professional Writing Center on Friday, February 4th, 2001 by 5pm

Grand Prize: $1000 worth of studio time to record at Q Division Studio and $500 Visa Gift Card
First Runner Up:$300 Visa Gift Card
Second Runner up: $200 Visa Gift Card

Top finalists will also be invited to perform at March 1st concert at Cafe 939

Previous Winners include:Keppie Coutts, "Last Call" & Aryn Calhoun, "Crave"

If you have any questions or comments, contact the Substance Abuse Prevention Team in the Couseling & Advsing Center email: substanceabuseprevention@berklee.edu call: 617-747-2849

Monday, December 6, 2010

If you want to be HEARD you have to PLAY. Here's your opportunity!

Every Wednesday Michaela Kaser hosts Open Mic Night at Kings. It's a great location right by berklee(50 dalton st.). It's 18 and up and free admission. There is also a menu where everything is $4. It's becoming a very popular venue and they would love to have a berklee songwriters club night once a month. This is a great way to start putting yourself out there or to just have a good time!

Your songs needed for 9/11 Memorial concert!

9/11 Memorial Project

In the Berklee tradition of caring for others (Concert for Haiti and Darfur CD Project) and giving to worthwhile charitable organizations, I am proposing a 9/11 Memorial Concert to be held at the Berklee Performance Center on Sunday, September 11, 2011.

In order to bring this project to fruition, I am reaching out to all Berklee clubs and departments to ask your interest and assistance with this project.

All net proceeds of the one night Memorial Concert will be donated to 9/11 charities. In addition, I propose a production of a CD of the original songs selected and a DVD of the concert itself. Once again, a designated percentage of the net proceeds of the sale of the CD and DVD will be donated to 9/11 charities of Berklees’ choosing.

The initial step for this project to become a reality is to seek Berklee students’ talents to create 12 to 15 songs/compositions to pay tribute to all of those lives that were forever changed by the events of 9/11. Songs of remembrance for those lost, songs of celebration and joy for the lives saved, songs of courage for those who gave their lives to save others and songs of determination of a people that will not be made to live in fear, are all welcomed.

Submission of songs/compositions of those that wish to participate will be from January 18th thru midnight of February 14th. A panel of Berklee students and faculty will announce the final selections on March 1st. Further details regarding the submission process will be provided after Winter break.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this project please contact Alexander Arntzen at aarntzen@berklee.net as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Alexander Arntzen
Producer, 9/11 Memorial Project

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bob Dylan Fans: Get Out Your Video Camera!!!

Sony is looking for video submissions of musicians playing along to the song "Subterranean Homesick Blues" by December 10th.
You choose your instrument and background and get your video groove on!

Here's the instructions:
1. Set up a location where you will play along to the song “Subterranean Homesick Blues” on an instrument of your choice. (or feel free to submit a dance video)
2. Get someone to shoot you on video playing along or set up a video camera to record yourself
3. Position yourself in the middle of the frame. We are going to crop the sides and we want to see you
a. Do not wear anything with any logos on them or position yourself in front of any logos (instruments not included)
4. Put your headphones on to play along to the song
5. Press Record on your video camera
7. Play along with the song all the way through
8. Wait 10 seconds
9. Press stop
10. Fill out the waiver attached
11. Save the video and signed waiver with your name in the title, eg. Remix song_JoeSmith and Waiver_Joe Smith (make sure the name is the same)
a. Preferred file format is .mov or .avi, but most video file formats should work
12. Send a blank email to Mike.Fayne@sonymusic.com with the subject line “Remix Project Submission”.
13. You will receive a reply to your email with access to the dropbox
14. Upload the video and the waiver to the dropbox

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Achieve success, listen to the BEST!

Melissa Ferrick, a Berklee alum, is both a powerhouse vocalist and masterful guitarist with a constantly deepening catalog of songs. Ferrick emerged on the music scene in 1994 and began singing in coffeehouses. Her big break came one night when she replaced Morrissey's opening act less than an hour before show time. Morrissey invited her to open for him for the remainder of the tour where she earned not only a cult following but also a contract with Atlantic Records. Melissa plays piano, trumpet, bass and guitar, an instrument she taught herself while at Berklee. Ferrick has released a total of fifteen albums. Her first two were on Atlantic Records. She then moved on to an indie label, W.A.R. In 2000, Ferrick founded her own record label, Right On Records. The first studio album released on her own label was Valentine Heartache. Since her departure from Atlantic, the rise in her popularity has been driven by her fan-base, by reviews in the independent and alternative press, and by word-of-mouth. Ferrick’s rigorous touring schedule generally includes more than 150 shows per year. In 2007, she performed at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, and opened for Indigo Girls and Ani Difranco.

She will be hosting three clinics on songwriting and the business of songwriting Thursday December 2nd.

They are:

The Business of Songwriting @ 9:00 AM in Room 2E 1140 Boylston Street Bldg.

Clinic/ Performance on Songwriting @ 3:00 PM in The Loft 921 Boylston Street Bldg.

Songwriting Master Class @ 7:00 PM in Room B16 150 Massachusetts Ave. Bldg.

Don't miss these opportunities!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Want a job working for Sony?

Times are tough, and jobs are hard to find?  Maybe.... But do we have job offerings for you?  HELL YEAH WE DO!
SONY : Administrative Assistant - A/R: 

SONY: Creative Coordinator:

Good luck and let us know if you land a paycheck!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do you have songs? Are you female? Women's Musicians Network wants YOU to perform!

Female Singer/Songwriters are invited to submit music for the 14th Annual Women Musicians Network Concert on March 3rd in the BPC.
What are they looking for? Original compositions and arrangements by Berklee women in all genres. They are also looking for performers and producers as well!
See their website for more information and to download a submission form(no electronic sumbissions accepted): ttp://www.wix.com/thewmnclub/wmnconcert. For questions, email kwkristi@gmail.com.

Free Music/Marketing Book!

Love reading? Don't miss this opportunity to download a FREE book online titled The New Rockstar Philosophy. The book covers Songwriting, Performing, and having an Online Presence - seriously, it' worth grabbing a warm, fall Starbucks drink and reading the whole thing!!!

Some of the chapters are soo neat! Here's some of them:


Your Band is a Marriage

Image Isn't a Dirty Word

Online Essentials
Twitter, YouTube, Email, Text, Myspace and FAcebook

You GOTTA check this book out!
You can download the book for FREE by clicking here:

Holiday Networking Party! Free food, live music!

On December 9th in The Loft @8:30pm, the Songwriter's Club and the Producer's Societyare hosting a HUGE Holiday Party!! The holidays are right around the corner so come celebrate with your Berklee friends and network! FREE food, live singer/songwriter performances, a DJ, raffle prizes~ Don't miss it! The Loft in 939 @8:30pm. 

To attend - please RSVP to bmahrer@berklee.net with your name, email address, and a weblink to your music/productions/business.

Singer/Songwriters: If you want to play a 15 minute slot at the party, please e-mail Kayleigh Mill (kmill@berklee.net) with your name and website or a couple mp3s so we can hear your music. 
Producers who would like to showcase their music at the event: please contact Emily Dale (edale1@berklee.net) 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Handle your business.

3 Free Clinics at Northeastern!  Get your future taken care of...

Becoming a success in the music industry is extremely challenging. Music entrepreneurship concerns the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to plan, finance, develop, and operate a new music venture. Attend the three sessions about music entrepreneurship.

One of the most exciting programs in NU's Music Department is the Music Industry concentration. Inaugurated in 1989, the program is the first of its kind in Boston. The Music Industry program prepares students for a broad array of career opportunities in the music industry, including starting their own ventures. The program includes music industry electives focusing on such topics as artist management, the music products industry, recording and copyright law. Topics include attributes of music entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial careers, evaluating opportunities, writing business plans, financing the venture, and long-term management and planning.

Livingston Thank-Yous

As you can see, we had quite a crowd for the Livingston Taylor lecture this Tuesday.  Thanks to everyone -- most of all Livingston -- for coming out and having such a great time!  We hope to have him back soon to the club, and also look forward to the rest of the amazing lecture series we have lined up for you this term!

Here's what people were saying :

"Impressive, entertaining and inspirational"

"...ridiculously informative"


"awesome. I always walk away from Livingston's lectures and performances feeling full of inspirational information"

"I am so grateful that these weekly lectures are available to students...I've gotten a lot of out of [them]."

"Thank you for the great career advice, Livingston!"

"His advice is invaluable."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FREE HOLIDAY PARTY! SW Club, Producers Club, and Business Club

On December 9th in The Loft @8:30pm, the Songwriter's Club and the Producer's Society are hosting a HUGE Holiday Party!! The holidays are right around the corner so come celebrate with your Berklee friends and network! FREE food, live singer/songwriter performances, a DJ, raffle prizes~ Don't miss it! The Loft in 939 @8:30pm. 

Singer/Songwriters: If you want to play a 15 minute slot at the party, please e-mail Kayleigh Mill (kmill@berklee.net) with your name and website or a couple mp3s so we can hear your music.  
Producers who would like to showcase their music at the event: please contact Emily Dale (edale1@berklee.net) 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Songwriting Dept Masterclass!

The Songwriting faculty: Pat Pattison, Susan Cattaneo, Scarlet Keys, Jimmy Kachulis, Stan Swiniarsky, Jon Aldrich, Jimmy Kachulis, Jon Stevens, Mark Simos and Chair, Jack Perricone, will listen to selected student songs and comment on them and work with them to make them better and better.Come and observe this clinic done in a master class format.

WHEN: Thursday, November 18th, 1:00 pm
WHERE:  Lawrence and Alma Berk Hall 1A (1140 Boylston Street)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perfect Pitch SONGWRITERS announced

At long last. The winning songwriters for Perfect Pitch have been announced!  The songwriters will now be rehearsing the singers, keying the songs, and working with arrangers and band members to make the final performance as powerful as possible!  Keep an ear out for some mind-blowing performances!


Mario Jose performing Charlie Puth - Next To You
David Michael Wyatt performing Khalil Overton - Made For War / Back To Love
Keren Tayar performing Nicky Rood - Snowflake
Naomi Gillies performing Christina Brehm & Sam Shrieve - Loving on Empty
Jen Hoyt performing Heather Smist - You Make Me Go
Alexey Musatov performing David Pramik - Lady Light 
Prayre Finley performing Joren van der Voort - Giving Up
Melanie Donnelly performing Hannah Christianson - Let's Be Frisbees
Khalil Overton performing Joren van der Voort - The Whole World Thinks You're Beautiful
Tyler Simmons performing Jason Sibi-Okumu - Blue
Alex Economou performing Nikolas Metaxas - Not Ready To Lose You 
Katy Schirard performing Michael Hazani - Really Don't Know
Mike Squillante performing Alex Blizniak - Never Felt Better 
Brittany Marie performing Ken Yates - I Don't Want To Fall In Love

Friday, November 5, 2010

Performance Opportunity! Monkey Rock Songwriter Circle!

Monkey Rock is a community comprised of artists and friends from all over the world who support each other by promoting, and performing as a group.

Monkey Rock hosts a weekly ‘Writer’s Show’ at All Asia (334 Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA) from 6-9pm on Wednesdays where members and friends of the Monkey Rock, Berklee, and Greater Boston communities come to listen and play.

Monkey Rock has begun to grow branches in cities all over the US, with communities in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and Austin. 

Submissions for the weekly writers show can be sent to:

Thank you and much love! 

Monkey Rock family members

Monday, November 1, 2010

Alan Menken Revue seeks original songs!

The Berklee Musical Theatre club will be putting on an Alan Menken revue (you know, "A Whole New World," "Under The Sea" -- all the songs from Aladdin, Little Mermaid, and pretty much every Disney move you loved!)

They've agreed to consider original songs IN THE STYLE of Alan Menken  to be performed. The bar is pretty high on this one  -- hey, if you win, your song will be sharing the stage with "Be Our Guest" -- so step it up!

If you'd like to submit, please email your best Alan-Menken-Style musical theatre song to berkleesongsubmission+menken@gmail.com

Be sure to put lyrics in the body of the email, attach an mp3 (NOT m4a, wav, aac, or anything else) or put a playable weblink.

Good luck!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Tips, Tools and Tricks for Effective Songwriting!

Tonight (Tues, Oct 26), Ben Camp will be presenting the most effective songwriting techniques he's learned in the last 3 years at Berklee. He normally charges Ten Million Dollars for this seminar, but he's giving it away tonight for FREE.  (Mostly because he couldn't actually get anyone to pay Ten Million Dollars.)

There may, or may not, be free pizza and donuts tonight.

In addition, the floor is opened up to ALL OF YOU.  If there's a song that taught you something, email us the lyrics and/or chords, and an mp3 of the song. Come tell us what you learned from the song, and why you like it.  We're all here to learn!

Techniques Include:

 - Songwriting and Psychology: Scientific methods to affect human behavior with music.
 - Title Writing: Never be lost for a song-title again!
 - The Character Rules: Writing convincingly from a character
 - Rhyme Position & Scheme: Make a massive impact by moving 1 word.
 - It's The Little Things: Getting the most out of the details in your song.
 - Open Sesame: How to write a first line that grabs your listener.
 - When are you free for lunch: Effective use of songs in your dating life. 
 - The Fortune Cookie Technique: Make your chorus feel like dessert
 - Appropriately Mis-setting your lyrics: Berklee doesn't have it ALL right (or: When 4/4 isn't really 4/4.)
 - The "Question & Answer" Technique: -- Grab your listener using an ages old storytelling method .
 - Less is More: How to break someone's heart in 32 bars.
 - Friends in LOW Places: Using lower chorus melodies for impact.
 - Writing from the Rhyme: Spotlight your songs emotion before even writting the song.
 - Object Writing: Find the best details to highlight in your song
 - Shut Up Already!: Effective use of space in your songs
 - Attention, Please: Engaging an audience that doesn't care about your subject.
 - Where Are We Going?: Taking your listeners on a journey.
 - Sorry? I Missed That...: The key insight into your listener's mind that will change the way you write.

Examples from Rap, Musical Theatre, Pop/Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Country, and more!

Seeking Songs!

Looking for songs for your album/tv show/website/project?  Please post in the comments below!

First Up, Salomon Sterental's call for songwriters:

Hey everyone!
   If you are a hot songwriter (melodies and/or lyrics) in the genres of Pop/Dance/Hip-Hop hit us up! We are a couple of producers from Miami and are hence influenced by the best of the Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, and Latin worlds. Collectively we have gathered work experience with The Fliptones (Lil' Wayne, Jason Derulo), Sony Latin, and Zumba Fitness' music department so we are serious about compiling a smashing portfolio.
Thank you,

Salo & Beto


Monday, October 25, 2010

Tuesday Night Lectures

Songwriters Club is hosting a series of amazing TED-Talks style lectures for your edification!  We're getting the industry's best talent to talk about production, making money, music publishing, songwriting, and more.  Click below for specific info on each lecture -- all lectures are 8-10pm in Room 118.

Tues, Oct 26th: The Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Tools for effective songwriting. Ben Camp and friends will be presenting a selection of the most effective tools they have learned for songwriting.  Also: If there is a song that has taught you an effective songwriting technique, please email the song and share it with us tonight!

Tues, Nov 2nd: Pat Pattison Epic Lyric Phrasing Masterclass: Get the most emotion out of your lyrics, or: How to change everything without changing anything.

Tues, Nov 9th: Production TED Talks: Inside the Producers mind! How they work, how to work with them, and what you can do for yourself!

Tues, Nov 16th: How to make MONEY with your songs: Livingston Taylor hosts a second round of his standing-room-only lecture.

Tues Nov 23rd: Marketing/Publishing/Business Clinic: Handle your business, or find someone else to do it!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Production for Songwriters Clinic!

WHEN: 8pm-10pm, TUES Nov 9th, 2010
WHERE: 150 Building, Rm 118
WHAT: Berklee's esteemed MP&E faculty come to drop some science on production: What to look for in a producer, what a producer does, and what you can do as a songwriter to get the best result out of your studio time!

WHO:  We'll be treated to talks from the following panel (to be updated!)



  • Tony has written for artists on both Major & Independent labels, and has racked up 5 Top 20 "Dance" records as well as 3 top 5 records in Billboard's Dance Charts!
  • Tony has produced records for Major & Independent labels, and jingles for 7-11, Bob's Big Boy, and many others.
  • Tony has had several successful TV placements of his music on programs both nationally and internationally.

The Five Big Bangs of Hip Hop 
MP&E's Prince Charles will outline the musical and technological revolutions the genre has contributed to popular music in the 21st century.

  • Independent record producer/engineer
  • Client list includes Mary J. Blige, Destiny’s Child, P. Diddy, Alicia Keys, the Notorious B.I.G., and Luther Vandross
  • Received three Grammy Awards and seven Grammy nominations
  • More than 40 platinum and gold certifications from the RIAA


  • Ph.D., McGill University, experimental psychology

  • Recordings as a mixer/engineer with Prince, David Byrne, Barenaked Ladies, Tricky, Paul Westerberg, Geggy Tah, and Michael Penn

  • Research interests include auditory memory, music perception and cognition, and psychoacoustics

Friday, October 22, 2010

Super-charged Marketing/Publishing/Business clinic!

Want to be successful with your music? Okay.. that was a dumb question.. you're spending $45,000 a year to go here, so you'd better want to be sucessful, right?

WHEN: Nov 23rd, 2010. 8pm-10pm.
WHERE: 150 Mass Ave, Room 118
WHAT:  The chance to learn what it takes to make it in today's music industry!

We've assembled a crack team of Berklee's Best Music Businessicians to help you take your career to the next level with advice on what music publishers are looking for, how to market yourself, and how to handle your business in the new music industry! MP&E Professor Tony Carbone and his publisher Curtis Urbina will be talking about the new world of music publishing and listening to student demos, and Berklee's Stephanie Kellar will be speaking about how to successfully market your music in today's music business!

Curtis Urbina
Label President, Music Publisher and Instructor at New York University
  • How To Become Music Business Literate
  • The Various Aspects of the Music Business (Creative, Legal and Economic)
  • What It Takes To Create Lasting Relationships in the Music Business
  • The Steps Necessary To Pick Yourself Up When You’ve Been knocked Down

Brian Curr

Berklee Internship Coordinator
  • Advisor to over 500 students
  • Assists students in reaching their career goals through experiential learning (Internships)
  • Prior to Berkle, Brian was a recruiter/staffing specialist for a Fortune 500 workforce solutions firm.
  • Brian will be discussing what it takes to survive in the workforce today.

Stephanie Kellar Music Business Professor at Berklee College of Music
  • Over 20 years of professional integrated marketing
    communication and branding practice
  • Past clients include Intel, Polaroid, CMGI, Comdata, Sabian, J. D’Addario, Gretsch, and Berklee Press
  • Past employers include the McCourt Company, Boston Acoustics, and Catapult Thinking

Tony Carbone MP&E Professor at Berklee College of Music

  • Tony has written for artists on both Major & Independent labels, and has racked up 5 Top 20 "Dance" records as well as 3 top 5 records in Billboard's Dance Charts!
  • Tony has produced records for Major & Independent labels, and jingles for 7-11, Bob's Big Boy, and many others.
  • Tony has had several successful TV placements of his music on programs both nationally and internationally.

* A special note from the Office of Experiential Learning on their Internship programs:

Internships can be a hard sell for students overloaded with coursework and outside
creative commitments. Many eager songwriting majors enter our office inquiring about the possibility of landing a writing or performing position, only to lose interest when we explain that while songwriting internships for publication are possible, internships are far more likely to involve varying degrees of administrative work behind the scenes. As they understand it, they’re paying tuition to learn to write music, not sit at a desk.

Maybe creating a database at a major label isn’t your idea of developing as an artist, but you’d be surprised how a casual conversation with your boss about your impression of songwriting can lead to their next question: “So what sort of writing do you do?” If they’ve already come to rely on you to get things done right, the might be interested in your talent as well.

Songwriting in particular is a maze of legal contracts, royalty management, and day-to-day collaboration with artists and other songwriters. What happens to your work between submission to a publisher, producer or label and final publication? If your career depends even partly on that machinery, you can’t depend on your textbook to paint a clear picture of what to expect as an artist. 

Please visit the OEL’s website for more details on their programs, office hours
and location.

Owner of UK's biggest booking agency comes to Berklee!

See below.  Event is Weds, Oct 27th, 6:30PM at DFRH!  Well worth a visit if you want a career as a performing artist.

Upcoming Concerts [OCT/NOV]

Are you in the SW club?  Think we should know about your show? Post your concert info in the comments below!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Make MONEY with Your Music!

Tuesday Night Lecture series:
Livingston Taylor returns to do another one of his smash-hit clinics for the club.  The topic of his talk? HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR MUSIC!
Last year's clinic was STANDING ROOM ONLY so be sure you get there early and submit your song if you'd like a critique!

WHEN: TUES, November 16th, 2010. 8pm-10pm.
WHERE: 150 Mass Ave, Rm 118
WHY: Because I told you so.  And because you do want to be successful at music, right???

WHAT: Some of the best career and songwriting advice you'll hear all year!
HOW DO I SUBMIT MY SONG: Submissions open Tues morning at 8am. Send your song in early (we'll critique in order received). Send lyrics to berkleesongwritersclub@gmail.com with the subject "YOUR NAME - Livingston Song"

Livingston's Biography:
Livingston Taylor picked up his first guitar at the age of thirteen, beginning a forty-year career that has encompassed performance, songwriting and teaching. Born in Boston and raised in North Carolina, Livingston is the fourth child in a very musical family that includes Alex, James, Kate and Hugh. Livingston recorded his first record at 18 and has continued to create well-crafted, introspective and original songs that have earned him listeners worldwide.
From top-forty hits “I Will Be in Love with You” and “I’ll Come Running,” to “I Can Dream of You” and “Boatman” both recorded by his brother James, Livingston’s creative output has continued unabated. His musical knowledge has inspired a varied repertoire, and he is equally at home with a range of musical genres—folk, pop, gospel, jazz—and from upbeat storytelling to touching ballads.
Livingston has never stopped performing since those early coffeehouse days, touring with major artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Jimmy Buffet and Jethro Tull, and he maintains a busy concert schedule of over eighty shows a year. He is a natural performer, peppering his shows with personal stories, anecdotes and ineffable warmth that connect him to his fans. His relaxed on-stage presence belies the depth of his musical knowledge, and fans might just as often be treated to a classic Gershwin or something from the best of Broadway.
As a full professor at Berklee College of Music since 1989, Livingston shares his experiences and knowledge of professional touring with young artists, just beginning to hone their skills. His course, Stage Performance (I and II) is one of the most popular at the College, and it gives him the ideal forum in which to impart the lessons learned through his own career to a new generation of musicians. His book, Stage Performance, is drawn from those classes will be available this fall.