Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No News is GREAT NEWS! How to promote yourself!

Just finished reading this article (http://www.philly.com/philly/business/20101228_Deep_snow_no_threat_to_solar_panels.html) about solar panels. What does an article about solar panels have to do with performing songwriters?  A LOT.  

Read on.

"Solar installers were calling Sunday's storm a nonevent. The proof: Their phones were not ringing with customer complaints or pleas for help." 

Can you imagine having no phone calls coming in, and nothing happening in the office, and you have the balls to call the newspapers? You tell them that "Guess what, miss journalist? Nothing in particular is going on!" Then, you follow with, "Oh yeah, and you should write about it!!!"

This article, about nothing in particular happening, got a front page placement.  

Can you imagine how many sales Dynamic Solar is now going to rake in because of this news? How many people now know their name, and the benefits of solar panels?

As performing songwriters, as performing artists, your livelihood depends on how many people know your name, buy your music, and attend your concerts. You NEED to be a marketing machine.  You must constantly be on the lookout for ways to tell people about your music, your concerts, and yourself as an artist.   Even when you think there is no story to be told, no reason people would want to listen.

As Dynamic Solar proved by having this article written about them -- no news is GREAT news.  Journalists, bloggers, ALL content generators are dying for a great story.  Do them (and yourself) a huge favor by giving them one.  Go start a song-a-day project, volunteer to teach songwriting at a local school, start writing open letters to your senators in the form of youtube-posted songs -- anything to grab attention.  

Your success grows with every fan you gain, so get started now!

Hope you all are having a fantastic break!  Keep writing, and we'll see you in a few short weeks!

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