Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perfect Pitch SONGWRITERS announced

At long last. The winning songwriters for Perfect Pitch have been announced!  The songwriters will now be rehearsing the singers, keying the songs, and working with arrangers and band members to make the final performance as powerful as possible!  Keep an ear out for some mind-blowing performances!


Mario Jose performing Charlie Puth - Next To You
David Michael Wyatt performing Khalil Overton - Made For War / Back To Love
Keren Tayar performing Nicky Rood - Snowflake
Naomi Gillies performing Christina Brehm & Sam Shrieve - Loving on Empty
Jen Hoyt performing Heather Smist - You Make Me Go
Alexey Musatov performing David Pramik - Lady Light 
Prayre Finley performing Joren van der Voort - Giving Up
Melanie Donnelly performing Hannah Christianson - Let's Be Frisbees
Khalil Overton performing Joren van der Voort - The Whole World Thinks You're Beautiful
Tyler Simmons performing Jason Sibi-Okumu - Blue
Alex Economou performing Nikolas Metaxas - Not Ready To Lose You 
Katy Schirard performing Michael Hazani - Really Don't Know
Mike Squillante performing Alex Blizniak - Never Felt Better 
Brittany Marie performing Ken Yates - I Don't Want To Fall In Love

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