Sunday, October 17, 2010

Claude Kelly: The Club says Thank You!

Hey Songwriters!  Thanks so much for coming out and making both of Thursday's clinics so memorable! Claude said he had a great time, and mentioned wanting to come back to do this again!  We want to make sure we stay fresh in his mind, so I'd like you all to take a minute to write out a sentence or two of "Thank You" that I will mail along to him!

I'd like to include any photos that you all have taken, and any thank you notes that you have.  Please e-mail any thoughts to while it's still fresh in your minds -- the more excited you are, the happier he'll be to come back!  

Just mention what you liked about the clinics, or if he inspired you in any ways.  I'll be putting together a photo album for him, too, so any great shots you got of you, him, or friends -- even if it's just you waiting outside the clinic excited to get in -- please send along ASAP!


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