Monday, March 28, 2011

Breaking Barriers - How to take your art to the next level!


How an effective songwriter can break through to the world around us!

WHEN: Tues, Apr 5th, 8pm-10pm

WHERE: 921 Boylston Street, Room 411

WHAT: 3 Short lectures on how your songs can break barriers you face with yourself (overcoming creative shortcomings), your society (changing the world through art), and your music itself (understanding why you write, and what effect your music has on others!)

Pratt Bennett (B.A., Certified Life Coach)

Do you feel "stuck" in your writing/career/life?
Pratt will talk about how to avoid ruts, and use tools you already have to conquer change and new situations, and to take your creativity and writing to the next level! 

"My rule of thumb is very simple: whatever you're working on, make it valuable today. Make it count today. When you are receptive to what's happening in the moment, you relax so much more about the outcome and, in my experience, you often get a better result."

Ross Bresler (B.A., M.A., Ph.D)

Ever feel your songs are "too personal" for others to get them? Ross will be riffing on the creator's internal narrative, and external appearance to his/her audience.
In addition, he'll discuss Breaking social barriers with art -  audience and market expectations, and how those expectations cause your work to be viewed differently.  

"My classroom teaching is a microcosm of my work at ProArts, where I develop pathways for students and faculty of different arts disciplines to engage with each other and think about ways that different media play on one another. That interconnectivity across disciplines crosses over into the ways I teach art history to music students."

Teodros Kiros (Ph.D)

Is your music more than "just a song?"
Teodros will be discussing how to create change in the world from the art you have within, and in contrast, how to create change inside yourself through your art.

Become better musicians if you are philosophically trained... Make conscious, vigilant, and careful analysis of why you do music. To generate money? To train the public? 

Think, and add purpose and value to your artistic creations...

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