Monday, March 21, 2011

Submit Your Songs to the Japan Benefit CD

Lossless is putting out a benefit CD with Berklee songs only! Here's your chance to help out through your songs.

Japan Benefit digital release information:

The criteria for submission is not meant to exclude anyone but rather to INCLUDE as many people as possible:

* The submitted track must be in lossless CD quality (for example .wav, .aiff or .flac) - more info about this at the very bottom.
* It cannot be a cover - the person (or group) submitting the recording must be the songwriter(s)
* It must feature at least one Berklee student or faculty member
* The song must be in good taste because this is to raise money for disaster relief.
* The track cannot prominently feature musicians that are already on another submitted track. This is so everyone gets an opportunity to have a song on this release.

Submissions are due Tuesday March 22nd at midnight

Send an email to with the lossless recording attached, or if it's too big, use drop-box (send to or something else. Also be sure to include one photo, a url where we can hear more music, and a short two or three sentence bio. There is information about about lossless formats below.

About Lossless (also posted on FB):
All submitted tracks MUST BE LOSSLESS CD quality (either wav, flac, or aiff). You CANNOT create a proper lossless file by converting the mp3-that just makes an MP3 that is labeled as a WAV. To make a lossless file you must rip a retail disc or bounce the recording in the recording program that was used. Email if you need help!

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